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I looked at this tree today and found inspiration.

Look closely at how it’s covered in knots–a tree’s scars–which have now healed over but leave indelible marks of its long life’s story.

It leans precariously at a stark angle suggesting it may have been almost toppled by perhaps a horrible storm. I imagine that for some time after that storm it may have been very fragile and at risk of dying from its many open wounds and loosened and exposed root system.

But today it’s firmly rooted again.

The scars remain but there are no open wounds and its dense green leaves show me it’s actually thriving. The way it now leans invites children to climb and explore its grandeur and smile. It’s imperfections are now its allure.

It will never be perfectly round again or stand up straight like its neighbors. But it’s alive. And its flaws are now what make it interesting and even inviting.

Thank you beautifully damaged and near fallen tree for showing me what’s possible. I will be back to visit soon.

-This post originally appeared August 23, 2017  here