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All children are special. I love talking to them and listening to their funny conversations and hearing their obscure yet pensive questions. They are each a gift and make this world a much much better place. Chase, like all children, was special. But he was also a different kind of special. I knew that from the start yet as his mother I always thought, “Everybody thinks their kid is special. I am just biased.” But over the years even when Chase was well, people who met him always had a “Chase story” for me and told me how special THEY thought he was.  More and more I knew it was not just my motherly bias at work…he was “that kid”. The kid people remembered. I share this account below from a teacher at Chase’s school who didn’t have Chase as her student.  A story I had never heard until after he died.

If you know someone who has lost a child, please talk about their child to them. Tell them your stories. There is nothing more important to a bereaved parent than to know their child is remembered and never to be forgotten. Talking about our lost children is not bringing up the pain. The pain is already up. You are not reminding us that they died when you talk about them. You are reminding us that they lived.  For anyone who knew our Chase, feel free to share your Chase story in the comments.

The first time I met Chase was when he was in second grade in the middle of the field with his sketch pad and pencil during recess. I saw his beautiful blonde hair in the distance and I was concerned if this student was okay. I walk over asked him if he was okay and he shared with me his design/maze of something he was creating with solar energy and batteries, I was like this kid is so cool!!! He was so kind and we spent the entire recess talking about aliens, bikes, science, and music.

When I found out that Chase was dealing with this horrible disease it broke my heart. I am so thankful I spent days on the swings with him, just walking and talking, and sitting on the bleachers talking about music. When he told me he loved the band Cake and loved the song Short Skirt Long Jacket I was speechless, it was priceless. I went home that night and blasted the song, we love Cake! I have this clear vision of him as we parted during recess and watching him walk away and seeing his green socks and saying I want to be just like Chase!! I always thought of Chase as an earth angel.  Chase holds a very special place in my heart.

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  • Erika Vinciguerra says:

    Of course he loved Cake, just like his mom! We played the heck out of that CD! What a special boy…Hugs to you and your family!